Legalutions is a very different kind of search and selection consultancy


Enduring client relationships are the foundation of our success. This is no empty platitude - creating and investing in long-term business partnerships is the major component of our long-term success.

Legalutions operates at all levels of seniority across all disciplines. Tackling hard-to-fill or strategically important assignments is our core strength.

Clients benefit directly from the continuity and depth of expertise of our management team, which has successfully been working together for over 15 years, more than 10 of those as co-owners of our predecessor firm, Neumann Legal.

Law firm and business leaders know that finding the “best” is a never-ending challenge in an ever-competitive world.
Using unparalleled insight into the legal market to identify “best prospects”, clients hire us to directly approach prospective applicants on their behalf, thus significantly increasing their chances of a successful hire.

Legalutions offers the full spectrum of direct search, selection and consulting services to commercial law firms, corporations, financial institutions and state-owned entities in the German-speaking world. We are most effective at the c. 3 year PQE level and above.

Our expertise in the law firm sector has allowed us to help many commercial law firms operate more competitively by introducing business professionals in critical roles such as Business Development, Marketing, PR, Finance, HR, Learning & Development and Knowledge Management. This is a fairly new structural market development in the German-speaking legal sector, a development which Legalutions is proud to have helped initiate.

Please call either Gary Mackney or Petrus Gerbaulet to find out more.

We strive to keep one thing firmly in our sights: Achieving the goals of those who work with us. This will never change.