The best people aren’t always active in the job market. The goal of any employer is to increase the likelihood of someone choosing to engage with them in the hiring process.

The most effective recruitment tool is the consultant assigned to manage a project. Forget search engines, Big Data analysis and generic on-line job-postings – the human touch remains the business critical asset and our consultants are the certainly one of the most interactive “devices” you could ever have at your disposal.

By working in partnership with specialists who take your story out into the market and deliver it straight to the people who should be listening to it, you significantly improve your chances in finding the right person for the job.
Every employer has a different story to tell.

Every organisation, every position is different. Simply put, we translate recruitment needs into tangible results, by advocating directly on a client’s behalf and by carefully preselecting a number of appropriately qualified, credible, candidates from which to hire the most suitable person.

Our leaders, Gary Mackney and Petrus Gerbaulet, offer a combined 40+ years’ experience of doing just that. They have an enviable track-record in delivering innovative search and selection solutions to our clients. Legalutions is the next chapter in this long-term success story.

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